At the general meeting of the League of Parliamentarians Considering the Utilization of Cannabidiol (CBD Council) held on February 22, 2024, four organizations such as the Japan Hemp Association, Chairman of the League of Parliamentarians Considering the Utilization of Cannabidiol, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Hygiene, A joint statement was handed over to the Director of the Bureau’s Surveillance and Guidance/Narcotics Countermeasures Division.
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“Joint Statement for the Development of Healthy Cannabidiol (CBD) Products”
(February 22, 2020)
In recent years, cannabidiol (CBD) products derived from hemp plants have been used in foods, cosmetics, etc. in Japan, and there is growing interest from consumers. Under these circumstances, the “Act to partially amend the Cannabis Control Act and the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Control Act” was enacted at the recent extraordinary Diet session. The conventional regulation based on the parts of the cannabis plant has been revised to one based on the ingredients, and cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant can now be used. This will expand the range of cannabis-derived CBD products that have the potential to contribute to people’s health, and is expected to expand the market size.
On the other hand, in recent years, there have been a number of reports of health hazards caused by so-called “cannabis gummies,” which contain dangerous drug ingredients. It is extremely worrying that consumers are increasingly skeptical about cannabis-derived products as a whole, including CBD products.
In light of such market conditions, and in order to meet the expectations and trust of consumers, we, as cannabidiol (CBD) businesses and organizations, are working to ensure the healthy development of CBD products and the industry by handling dangerous drug ingredients. Our top priority will be to ensure the safety of CBD products and create a market environment that can earn consumers’ peace of mind and trust.
Related businesses and organizations share this issue and, as responsible businesses, declare the following:
1. Do not handle dangerous drug ingredients
We, as CBD business operators, strive to provide safe and appropriate products to consumers, and do not sell or provide unregulated synthetic cannabinoids similar to cannabis-derived ingredients, which are equivalent to dangerous drug ingredients known as so-called “cannabis gummies.” I won’t do it.
2. Compliance with laws and regulations (thorough compliance with THC residual limits, etc.)
We, as CBD businesses, must only handle products that comply with the residual limits for THC that will be established in the future under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Control Law, so that foods and cosmetics containing CBD do not fall under the category of narcotics. We will thoroughly control the quality of products that contain THC below the residual limit.
In the future, when the national government formulates residual limits and testing methods for THC, we will cooperate with the relevant ministries and agencies, including the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
3. Do not conduct advertisements or sales that could be mistaken for pharmaceuticals or controlled substances.
We, CBD businesses and organizations, do not advertise or sell or provide products that claim efficacy or effectiveness that could be mistaken for medicines that violate laws regarding ensuring the quality, effectiveness, and safety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We will take the utmost care to avoid this. In addition, we stand apart from opinions that advocate the legalization and safety of cannabis, including recreational use, and are careful when selling and advertising CBD products, and avoid advertising such as “legal cannabis” that may mislead consumers. I won’t do it.
We will ensure that each business operator that is a member of our organization complies with the above requirements, and will take strict action, including expulsion, if they do not comply.
that’s all
<Supporting organizations/companies>
Japan Hemp Association, General Incorporated Association
Japan Cannabinoid Association, General Incorporated Association
Japan Cannabidiol Promotion Organization, General Incorporated Association
Japan Cannabidiol Association, General Incorporated Association
All other volunteers
By handing the above joint statement to Shunichi Yamaguchi, Chairman of the League of Parliamentarians Considering the Utilization of Cannabidiol, Member of the House of Representatives, and Daisaku Sato, Director of the Surveillance, Guidance and Narcotics Countermeasures Division, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Hygiene Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we have fulfilled our social responsibility. It became even more important.
In response to questions from the media after the joint statement, one question was asked where CBD-related businesses should outsource THC analysis of domestically distributed raw materials and products after the THC concentration regulations come into effect. As you know, the Japan CBD Analysis Center attached to the Japan Hemp Association uses state-of-the-art HPLC-PDA under the license of the association’s president (Showa University professor Hitoshi Sato), who holds a drug researcher’s license. We conduct cannabinoid analysis using the law.
The Japan Hemp Association will continue to provide its members with accurate knowledge of the “Act on Ensuring the Quality, Efficacy, and Safety of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, etc.” (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act) and the Act on Premiums and Representations. At the same time as gaining understanding, we would like to educate people about the safety and precautions of CBD and various cannabinoids. For this reason, we will be more proactive in holding lectures and study sessions than ever before. We would also like to enrich the content of the association’s email newsletter, so we would like to hear your opinions and wishes.
Thank you for your continued support of the Japan Hemp Association.