The Japan Hemp Insdutrial Association is an association that is responsible for the future of the hemp business in Japan.
Number of members as of December 2023 Approx.500 companies/people
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JIHA organization

Name Japan Industrial Hemp Association (JIHA)

Main office
4-3-20, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 105-0001

2-8-18, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 104-0061

Tel 81+3-5005-0091(Japanese only)
Member Number of members as of December 2023 Approx. 500 companies/people

Board members

(In no particular order)

President Hitoshi Sato Ph.D. (Professor, Showa University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacist)
Director Dr.Hiroaki Minato (Director, Purerio Dentistry & Orthodontics Tamachi Mita ClinicChairman of the Board of Directors, Pure Smile Medical Corporation)
Dr.Yoshihito Niki (Showa University School of MedicineVisiting Professor, Department of Clinical Infectious Diseases)
Dr.Akira Mizoo (Patient-oriented clinicDirector, Toranomon Internal Medicine and Dermatology)
Advisor Yoshiaki Harada (Representative Attorney at Law, Harada International Law Office, Former Member of the House of Representatives (Former Minister of the Environment))
Secretary-General Ryutaro Yamamoto

(Voluntary publication)

Trustees Kunio Takemoto (President, Cell Bio Co., Ltd., Former Director of Public Relations and Planning, The University of Tokyo Hospital)
Dr.Mana Iwamoto (Honorary President, Japan Cosmetic Association; Dermatologist)
Naoko Ideguchi Ph.D. (Professor, Teikyo Heisei University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Doctor of Education)
Dr.Takushi Shirai (Director, Lotus Clinic, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
Dr.Satomi Takahashi (Director, Josai Internal Medicine Clinic, Representative of Satowa Medical Salon Satowa LLC)
Hajime Nakajima (Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, Toin University of Yokohama; Representative Attorney, Nakajima Law Office)
Counselor Hiroaki Komatsu (President and Representative Director, San Want Corporation)
Koki Takahashi (Representative Director, CFS Corporation)
Rina Tachibana (Representative Director and CEO, OOHAAH Corporation)
Dr.Naoyuki Kamatani (Director, Medical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Director, Gout Foundation)
Muller Alexander Gorge (Representative Director, Kitchodo Co., Ltd.)

About Trustees and Counselor

Trustees : Academia
Counselor : Centered company of CBD.
Each person must register individually.

Eligibility for participation

・People who can contribute to our association
・Those who are able to give lectures and other events planned by the association
*In principle Counselor must be registered by the member.
*There will be a prescribed examination by the board of directors.

Please contact the office for details.

Contact Us TEL 03-5005-0091

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